Frequently Asked Questions

01 General FAQs

Troyer Furniture uses 2K Urethame finish on our furniture. (We do all our finishing in-house!) It is a polyurethane product. Polyurethane has excellent resistance to foods, beverages and common household chemicals, however, to maintain the beautiful appearance of your furniture a few care guidelines must be followed. Please ask us for our Furniture Care Tips Sheet on how to care for your furniture once you have received it.   Here a few resistance ratings of our finish. Chemical resistance tests are performed to check the coatings ability to withstand substances typically found in kitchen and bathrooms. Aristovar meets AWI specifications TR-4 rating for chemical resistance:   Water – 24 hours, no effect. Coffee – 24 hours, no effect. Ketchup – 24 hours, no effect. Lemon Juice – 24 hours, no effect. Grape Juice – 24 hours, no effect. Olive Oil – 24 hours, no effect. Yellow Mustard – One hour, no effect. MEK 200 double rubs – No effect. Ethanol water blend – One hour, no effect. T – 24 hours, no effect. Vinegar – 24 hours, no effect. Orange juice – 24 hours, no effect.

Mission, Shaker, and Craftsman are popular styles.

Most common species used to craft hardwood Amish furniture are oak, cherry, maple, walnut, and hickory.

Furniture is made of a natural resource (wood) so each piece is a one-of-a-kind. This is most obvious in wood that has large and prominent grain patterns.

While some of the ‘Amish furniture’ might be made by Mennonite employees, all of the furniture identified as Amish means it is made by craftspeople who are either Amish or have Amish background or the owner of the furniture manufacturing company is Amish.

It varies from floor models that are available the same day up to ten weeks for pieces customized to fit your home or office’s decor.

Yes. We have several options and offer 90 days same as cash. Feel free to ask for more details.

We actually don’t run many sales or discounts. We attempt to do our best with pricing to be fair and competitive and we desire to build our connections and business model on personal relationships.

Yes, you can purchase floor models on the day of your visit.

02 Delivery

Worldwide. (Live in Korea? No sweat. 🙂

Yes, indeed. Or, you can feel free to pick up at your convenience.

03 Furniture Customization

The kind of customizations we often get asked for are dimensions to fit a specific slot in someone’s home and color to match existing decor.

The best way to prepare and simplify is to bring all the floor measurements of the room/s where your furniture will go. We have handy drafting sheets specifically made for this purpose.

Yes, there is an art to color matching. And we love it. Bring the exact color you want to match and we will try our very best. We may ask you to come to the shop while we are working on it. Simply to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations since the appearance of colors can vary so much to different viewers.

Absolutely. Please tell us what you have in mind!

04 Dining

Manufacturer defects are warrantied for life.

Here is a diagram showing both styles:


leg and pedestal table

Here is a simple diagram to help you determine what size table you will want based on the number of people you want to seat.


How many people can sit at a table diagram

05 Bedroom

Manufacturer defects are warrantied for life.

Yes, we sure do. We offer national and locally-made brands.

06 Upholstered Furniture/Sofas

We offer topgrain leather. Come in and see our leather wall showcasing whole hides.

Troyer Furniture has been in business for 35 years and have no plans to go anywhere. In other words, we are planning to be here to help you if you run into anything after you receive your furniture.

The warranties on sofas are industry standard: Frame: 5 years. Mechanism and springs: 3 years. Fabrics: 1 year.

Yes. Many fabrics and leather options are available.

07 Care for Hardwood Furniture

We have free tools to help you in the process. No need to have all your ducks in a row before you stop in. Feel free to stop in and we’ll help you in the process.

The hardwood furniture from your Troyer Furniture is built to last and made to withstand general use by children and pets. Quite frankly, it is made of wood so hammers and beating with any kind of metal or otherwise destructive instruments will show damage the furniture.

The cleaning process of hardwood is actually very simple. Even though you may find cleaners of all sorts online or at Walmart, we highly recommend using a clean wipe cloth with water and a non-abrasive soap.

The biggest point to remember: Never use Pledge brand furniture polish on hardwood! It can destroy the finish!

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