Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you think about shopping Amish furniture?

Are your living spaces truly reflecting you and your style?

Each of our customers are unique when it comes to decorating the homes. We understand the challenges of making choices and finding the right fit that matches the imagination when it comes to home furnishing. We love taking your ideas—whether as sketches, photos, or a brain dump— and making them fit your space and your furnishings.

We’ve been around Amish Furniture for several decades yet we never tire of stroking our hands over every handcrafted piece that comes in. The impressive craftsmanship and overall amazing work that our local Amish craftspeople produce is purely delightful.

And of course, no comfy home is complete without upholstered. While we are well known for Amish Furniture, we also have poured ourselves into finding upholstered selections at a level—actually, best we could find. And because we value your style, we would like to get your input. Come on over and sit a spell. We would be very delighted to bring to your homes your own style.

Custom Breckenrigde Pergola


Thanks for choosing Troyer Furniture.  We are doing our best to assist you on your Amish Furniture Buying Journey. There are decisions to make along the way, but we try our best to make the process easier and simpler.

Here are a few ways we have sought to separate ourselves and make it fun to choose Amish handcrafted furniture for your home or office.

Simplified Process

We seek to simplify the process of the Amish Furniture Buying Journey™. Ask about our tools we provide to help you make it easier.

Easy to customize

People have been surprised that Amish handcrafted furniture can be customized. The answer is a resounding yes. Bring your sketches and ideas and we're happy to help you get your space furnished in the style, color and wood species you prefer.

We don't breathe down

Let me finish that thought... We've been told that our sales people don't breathe down people's neck. You can come into our store to look and get ideas. And find a perfect fit for you and your living spaces.


Though we are a furniture store, our place thrives on personal connections and relationships. We have fun and love what we do. Stop in to see the decorated spaces of outdoor and indoor furniture. The fun starts with the large Adirondack chair along the road by our building. (Great place for a photo op!)

meet our team

Troyer Furniture Owner - Matt Beachy

Matt Beachy


Troyer Furniture Team - Tim Miller

Tim Miller

Director of Sales

Troyer Furniture Team - Britteny Mottice

Brittney Mottice


Troyer Furniture Team - Karen Troyer

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